Vision Techniques

Prevent accidents with cost-effective VT camera systems

Vision Techniques offers a comprehensive range of cost-effective vehicle camera systems.

Available for rear, side, front or internal views, they are ideal for increasing visibility around vehicles and can be combined with mobile DVR and vehicle CCTV products.

Companies and organisations across the country regularly use this equipment to save money by preventing accidents and false claims.

Rear view – reverse in safety

The rear blind spot is an enormous problem on commercial vehicles.

According to statistics, 90% of reversing accidents occur off road, in places such as loading bays, lorry parks, private roads, quarry sites and warehouses.

Reversing accidents account for one claim in every six.

Side cameras – eliminating the nearside blind spot

Side collisions are a common result of poor visibility.

Sometimes, even deaths are caused by collisions with goods vehicles due to the nearside blind spot.

A side view camera, triggered by the left turn indicator, gives a clear view of the driver’s blind spot.

Internal cameras – ensuring passenger safety

As well as being a deterrent against vandalism and violence, internal cameras can be combined with mobile DVR and vehicle CCTV systems to make it easier for operators to refute fraudulent claims.

They are also useful for monitoring driver behaviour by capturing in-car footage.

Forward facing cameras

Due to the sheer size of some machinery and elevated operator positions, a blind spot often exists to the front.

Reversing camera systems are useful for several industries

Reversing cameras are particularly useful for businesses that operate in residential areas, especially vehicles carrying out day-to-day deliveries.

There are many potential collision risks in these areas. There are not just pedestrians in blind spot, but there are objects like bins and lamp posts that also have to be avoided

Reversing camera systems eliminate this problem.

Industrial and warehouse industries also benefit from reversing cameras. Most deaths involving reversing occur in this industry as a result of the blind spot.

Installing reversing cameras can make a huge difference to safety with drivers having a clear view behind them, increasing their reaction time and minmising risks.

Agricultural is another industry which is always looking at ways to prevent accidents.

There are many risks specific to this industry. Reversing cameras enable drivers to measure their work so far in addition to allowing them to see pedestrians and other farm workers their blind spots.

From workers in hazardous environments to small children crossing the road – this award winning firm has played a vital role in their protection.

Councils would also be wise to invest in reversing camera systems. The investment may well decrease their chances of lawsuits or insurance claims.

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