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Population surge causing even more cyclist deaths

A surge in London’s population has led to a dramatic increase in cyclist accidents and deaths, according to this week’s episode of Route Masters: Running London’s Roads on BBC 2.

One million people have settled into Britain’s capital over the last decade. Transport for London (TfL) predicts that a further two million people will move in London by 2030 – an equivalent of two Birminghams.

With more cyclists on the road than ever before, it’s no wonder that injuries and deaths have shot up. According to the programme, The Cycle Task Force has actually been encouraging more bikes in the capital, but now it has to crack down on the huge epidemic of cyclists that are jumping red lights.

The Cycle Task Force, a team of police officers patrolling London’s streets by bike, is encouraging more cycling. But it is also cracking down on the huge epidemic of cyclists jumping red lights.

The population growth has also led to a large increase in cyclist deaths. The figures for 2011, released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), indicate that cyclist accidents have risen considerably. A shocking 118 cyclists died, a 10% rise, with injuries rising 4% to 3,222.

TfL is now encouraging cyclists in London to take part in cycle innovation trials but, with trials taking place next years, changes to the road systems are vital.

At Vision Techniques, we take cyclist safety very seriously and are working hard with our partners to create systems to reduce cyclist deaths.

More and more road users are using the latest cutting edge technology to improve the safety of their day-to-day operations.

With buses and HGVs responsible for a vast majority of cyclist fatalities, Fleet Managers and transport professionals are more aware than ever of the need for products such as VT Overview™ and VT Side Alert™.

VT Overview™, our 360-degree vehicle camera system, is designed to give drivers total vision around large vehicles. Using four cameras, VT Overview™ allows drivers to feel safer and be more aware of their surroundings.

VT Side Alert™ uses blind spot proximity sensors and warning alerts for both vehicle operators and cyclists.

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