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Police HGV to target unsafe lorry drivers

Today, we discovered that West Yorkshire Police have unleashed a new tactic against dangerous truck drivers.

Following complaints from other road users, they are clamping down on heavy goods vehicle drivers making dangerous manoeuvres, eating, drinking or using mobile phones at the wheel.

The month-long campaign, called Operation Etwall, which will be run several times throughout the year, will see a special police HGV fitted with an on-board vehicle camera to film nearby motorists.

Police say it allows them to monitor other drivers without them knowing they are being watched.

Since the operation started this week, numerous lorry drivers have been spotted driving dangerously – including one using a laptop computer at the wheel on the M62.

Chief Inspector, Mark Bownass, said: “The sort of complaints we are regularly getting are that lorry drivers are tailgating other drivers, that they are pulling in front of drivers without warning, using hand-held mobile phones and eating or drinking while driving.

“Obviously it’s not just lorry drivers who are doing this, but they are often more noticeable to other motorists and should take extra responsibility when driving such large and heavy vehicles.”

According to the inspector, smaller vehicles will also be targeted. He said: “Motorway units in unmarked vehicles will be patrolling as well, looking for dangerous drivers in cars and vans.

“All drivers need to think about the standard of their driving and what they do whilst behind the wheel. At the least they could end up with points on their licence and at the worst they could cause someone’s death.

“If this operation prevents just one accident then it will have been a success. We hope that this operation will act as a warning to all drivers that we will be out there watching, but you won’t know when.

“I am obviously aware of a lot of good lorry drivers. It is only a few that are destroying their reputation with other motorists.”

So, in light of this new campaign, it’s obvious that lorry drivers should be making every effort to be safe on the motorway, since the police are stepping it up a gear.

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