Vision Techniques

Official CrashCAM™ launch

The recent spate of cash-for-crash scams sweeping the nation led to the creation of one of our newest products, CrashCAM™. The official website of our hi-tech black box accident recorder launched this month.

CrashCAM™ is your own independent witness when other drivers refuse to accept liability, exaggerate a claim, or deliberately cause a ‘cash-for-crash’ accident.

Vision Techniques Manager, Jonathan Peach, said: “It’s no secret that some fraudsters will do almost anything to make money, and will intentionally cause collisions while making it look like the other driver is to blame.

“That’s what CrashCAM™ is for – it’s a forward-facing black box accident recorder, which gives you a quick and easy video record of accidents or incidents that have taken place.”

A report from the Insurers Fraud Bureau (IFB) says that cash-for-crash scams cost insurers £392m a year in inflated insurance premiums.

This comes at a high price for large fleet owners, with organisations losing vast amounts of money each year in false claims. A well-known way that scammers achieve this is through ‘staged accidents’ leading to innocent motorist hitting the fraudster’s vehicles.

There are a number of ways a scammer can stage accidents, such as disabling the brake lights on their vehicle and braking suddenly, or pulling off from a junction into a clear road then applying the brakes for no reason.

As well as providing you with video evidence of accidents and incidents, CrashCAM™ displays journey information – such as speed and shock data – on a playback screen. There’s also a GPS tracking and mapping system to track positioning.

This can help you evaluate how to drive your vehicle more efficiently.

CrashCAM™ is suitable for both private car owners and fleet operators. Visit the new website at