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New road safety scheme launched to fight accidents involving cyclists

In a welcome move for cyclists, North Yorkshire Council has launched a new road safety scheme as part of their efforts to combat the increasing number of accidents involving bike users. Think! Bike posters and billboards will be set up along popular cycling routes in North Yorkshire, and targets motorists by urging them to pay closer attention to cyclists on the road.

The scheme develops on from the government’s successful Think! drink-drive campaign and is being rolled out during the build up to the Tour de France in order to maximise public awareness of the issue.

As the first billboard went up in Harrogate, the County Council or for the area Don Mackenzie said: “It’s great to see people getting on their bikes to enjoy this beautiful county,  exercise and keep fit, but we want them to stay safe as well. This latest initiative aims to tackle the problem of driver error in road casualties involving cyclists and bikers.”

Safety of cyclists is a growing issue

The number of cyclists killed or injured in North Yorkshire road traffic accidents has increased by 60% from the previous year, according to the York Post, and national statistics are even more frightening – 19,091 cyclists were hurt or killed across the UK during the April 2012- March 2013 period.

Clearly, educating drivers should form an important part of the effort to make our roads safer places for both bikes and cars. But the question remains – will this campaign be enough?

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick of North Yorkshire Police notes the importance of hi-visibility equipment when commenting on the Think! Bike campaign: “vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists should also ensure that they have the most appropriate protective and highly visible clothing and equipment.”

To help drivers play their part in reducing accidents on the road, Vision Techniques has designed the  TurnSafeTM range of vehicle safety products which work along similar lines to cyclists’ hi-visibility clothing. Using the TurnSafeTM cyclist detection system, road users can make absolutely sure they are aware of approaching cyclists – and make cyclists aware of them as well.

How does TurnSafeTM increase vehicle safety?

The TurnSafeTM range uses both audio-visual alerts and enhanced sensory awareness to ensure all road users have a clear idea of each others’ behaviour:

TurnSafeTM products work great in combination with each other – for example, the TurnSensorTM will pick up on any road users to your side while the TurnAlarmTM will warn them when you are actually turning off the road. This way, not only will you have an enhanced awareness of the road, but those around you will too.

With the Vision Techniques TurnSafeTM vehicle safety system installed across your fleet, you can ensure your drivers are better placed to make informed decisions on the road and so help cut down the number of accidents that take place.

If you’re interested in maximising your vehicle safety, Vision Techniques have a dedicated customer service team ready to take your call – phone today on 01254 679 717 or contact us online.

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