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New law will cause surge in reversing camera technology

Reversing cameras, which are located inside rear view mirrors are very likely to become the UK’s next technological advance.

A new piece of Unites States legislation has made rear view camera technology compulsory throughout the country.

The new law says the images can also be displayed on sat-nav screens, but using reversing camera systems is a cheaper solution.

As a result, there is likely to be an explosion in the popular mirror technology. The set up is already pre fitted to some vehicles in the UK.

Luckily, Vision Techniques is a step ahead with a cost effective solution, guaranteed to prevent collisions and save you money.

The innovative Rear View Mirror Monitor both acts as reversing camera system and as a rear view mirror.

The ultra-compact monitor changes so it looks like an ordinary rear view mirror.

As a result, the risk of it being stolen by opportunist thieves is significantly reduced.

Steve Perrin, manager at Vision Techniques, said: “Reversing camera systems, such as the Mirror Monitor, may be compulsory soon.

“They are roughly the same price as other reversing monitors so they are both cost-effective and ideal for theft prevention. For a small investment a reversing camera system will dramatically reduce accidents in larger vehicles.

“Not only will the Mirror Monitor prevent accidents, but it will also reduce theft and save space.”

The highly reliable and robust reversing camera system has a proven track record for quality and durability.

The Mirror Monitor is suitable for cars vans, trucks and HGVs.

As well as coming with a reversing camera, the Mirror Monitor can include an added extra ‘bulletcamera’ – a two-inch long camera, ideal for small spaces.

Steve said: “Vision Techniques’ reversing camera systems are important for increasing vehicle and pedestrian safety.”

The 4.2” monitor is ideal for any vehicle – including cars, vans, trucks and lorries.