Vision Techniques

New hi-tech mobile DVRs fight false claims

Vision Techniques has launched a brand new range of mobile hi-tech digital video recorders, vital to fighting false insurance claims and deterring theft and vandalism.

False claims cost businesses millions of pounds, usually because of the lack of evidence.

But recorded footage from vehicle-mounted cameras will provide an accurate witness to help with investigations.

This also identifies potential hazards and operational problems, such as missed bins, operator safety issues and adverse driver behaviour patterns.

You can provide a large fleet of vehicles with protection at low cost with these durable digital video recorders.

The new range includes a hi-tech product to help fleet managers record using a live video feed and the option to download recorded footage to their mobile devices.

Also in the range are a durable, cost effective model and another that includes location tracking and speed and acceleration monitoring to motivate best driver practice.

All models include SD cards for easy viewing.

The range suits any budget from mid-end to low cost models.