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New cloud-based safety technology hitting the market

cloud based safety technology

Posted on 22nd Jan, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

Whenever we move into a New Year here at Vision Techniques, we’re always excited to see what new technologies will be launched in the months ahead.

Every day we’re moving towards better solutions; solutions that will gradually decrease the number of accidents on Britain’s roads and enhance the safety of all road users.

Although we’re always working on new solutions and products to bring to our customers, we enjoy looking at the market to see the exciting offerings that are being made available to road users.

One such offering which caught our eye recently was the cloud-based collision detection technology, developed to prevent accidents between cars and cyclists in the city.

A major car manufacturer and major phone provider are behind this technology and teamed up to bring an exciting new product to the market.

The new technology and its benefits

The cloud-based technology utilises two-way communication between a car driver and a cyclist, via proximity warnings, that in turn alerts both road users to an imminent collision.

The system works via wearable tech (the cyclist uses a smartphone app paired to a specialist helmet) and a vehicle, made by the manufacturer in question, which has built-in safety alerts.

If the helmet detects a bike and car on a collision course, it will send a proximity notification to both road users.

The cyclist will be warned with a red notification light in the corner of their peripheral vision while the car driver will see a warning appear as a heads up display on the car’s windshield.

Unlike most technologies out there on the market, both drivers are made aware of the impending collision and so both can take action to slow down / move and avoid the collision.

Is it the answer?

While the idea itself is a great step forward in technology, there are still many questions about the system and its viability.

For example, will it be open enough to work with a wide array of cars, phones and helmets – or will road users have to invest in a whole new set of kit?

That is of course presuming that the software will be licensed to other manufacturers – which it might not be.

Several other technologies have also chosen real-time monitoring as the basis to their solutions.

Wave, a traffic app, is just another example of this. It uses real time user generated travel times and routes via GPS to give accurate traffic updates.

What about more conventional technology?

More conventional technology, such as the products we offer at Vision Techniques, can make a huge difference to the safety on Britain’s roads.

There’s our TurnSign LED warning system designed to warn cyclists of a drivers presence and VT Turnsafe, an integrated cyclist detection system with a sensor, camera and alarm – to name just a few. All of these have proven reliability and are simple and easy to use.

To discover the technology we currently have on offer, browse our website. If you have any further questions about any of the products we offer don’t hesitate to call us on 08452 873 481

What is your opinion on this new cloud-based technology? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique