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New changes to road sign legislation can benefit cyclist safety

New changes to road sign legislation can benefit cyclist safety

Posted on 27th Apr, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

On the 22nd April, new legislation came into place allowing local authorities to make their own decisions on how many speed limit signs are required. Rather than place speed limit signs arbitrarily, local councils will have the power to remove unnecessary signs and keep the most relevant signs so that drivers know the limits that apply. This new measure is just one of several measures coming into effect that may well be beneficial to cyclist safety.

The reasons behind the change

With the number of signs on our roads having more than doubled in England between 2003 to 2013, councils now have the power to make things simpler. The idea behind this is that too many road signs become an eyesore for drivers and can become unnoticed – so perhaps less is more when it comes to signs.

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About the changes, Patrick McLoughlin, Transport Secretary, said:

“Road signs should only be installed on our roads when they are essential. Our common-sense reforms will help get rid of pointless signs that are an eyesore and distract drivers.”

With fewer signs on our roads, it is hoped that drivers will better take notice of the signs that are left – signs that carry important messages about speed limits. Other measures to be taken alongside this new initiative include updating current signs that aren’t visible on unlit rules.


Updated features for cyclists

The new regulations also allow councils to install new eye-level cycle traffic lights to make busy junctions easier and safer for cyclists to navigate. This follows successful trials of the concept, which showed that these new improved features made a real difference.

Together, these new rules and regulations are expected to pave the way for wider changes on Britain’s roads – hopefully for the best.

Of course, the changes to road signs are just one of the actions that look to benefit cyclist safety. Other projects, such as Exchanging Places, giving cyclists and pedestrians the opportunity to experience life as a HGV driver, and London’s Safer Lorry Scheme, are also making a positive impact.


Ensure your vehicle promotes optimum safety

Continuing improvements in technology is enhancing cyclist safety too. At Vision Techniques, we’re committed to cyclist safety, which is why we’ve created a product range to deal with this problem directly.

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Our VT TurnSafe range was designed with cyclist safety in mind. Featuring products with built-in alarms and visible sign warnings, along with sensors and cameras, the VT TurnSafe range offers the complete solution.

For more information on our cyclist safety range, contact the Vision Techniques team today on 08452 873 438. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and recommend products for your fleet.

What are you thoughts on these new changes? Do you think they’ll help to improve cyclist safety on Britain’s roads? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique