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Changing Navigation Techniques For HGVs

a new direction changing navigation techniques for hgvs

Posted on 6th Feb, 2017 by Jonathan Peach

Heavy Goods Vehicles have been making headlines again recently, and unfortunately it’s not always been in a positive light. A rise in HGV collisions, blockages and other awkward immobilisations on public roads are being attributed to drivers using satnavs that are intended for smaller vehicles. Frequently, these incidents are leading to miles-long tailbacks, making local officials increasingly vocal in demanding a solution.

What’s Going On With HGV Vehicle Safety?

HGV hit a train bridge

The Local Government Association – an organisation that represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales – is lobbying for the introduction of legislation that would make it compulsory for HGV drivers to use systems specifically designed for these larger types of vehicle. They began their campaign after a sharp rise in the number of HGVs becoming stuck in narrow roads or under low bridges. In some cases, lorries and trucks are rolling over bridges that are not built to withstand their weight, causing potentially dangerous structural damage and often resulting in these bridges having to be closed for long periods, causing delays and frustration to other road users.

This past Monday (January 30th) saw an HGV driver crash into a bridge in Birmingham after misjudging the height of his vehicle, ripping the roof of his trailer off and causing the entire road to be closed off. Figures from Network Rail show that there were more than 1700 incidents of this nature in Britain during 2015/16. The LGA is aiming to secure councils the rights and ability to ensure that drivers avoid routes where they exceed the weight or height limit.

How We Can Solve The Problem Of Vehicle Accidents

vt live recording system

Our VT Live: Real-time Vehicle CCTV System can give you immediate access to vehicle-mounted cameras on your HGVs, allowing you to identify potential issues before they arise. With its GPS integration, tagging footage and exact location data, it can help you keep extensive tabs on the position and behaviour of your drivers, which can help you anticipate and neutralise navigation or logistics issues. Meanwhile, in the event that an incident does occur, the feed from these cameras can help you resolve the issue quickly, firmly and efficiently.

To find out how else our products can help you save costs and increase your fleet’s efficiency, you can browse our full vehicle safety product range here, or you can read our case studies and discover more about how companies just like yours are already benefitting. As always, don’t hesitate to call us on 08452 875 579, and we’ll be happy to help you with anything we can.

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