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As Ministers Reject Euro Lorry Safety Laws, Vision Techniques Urges Action

London Mayor Boris Johnson voiced his concerns this week after Government ministers rejected his call for them to support strengthened European lorry safety laws in a bid to reduce the number of cyclist deaths on Britain’s roads.

Mr Johnson stated that he was “deeply concerned” after the Government rejected moves to widen windscreens and windows on goods vehicles in order to eliminate driver blind spots – moves that he believes could save “hundreds” of lives across Europe.

The amendments to goods vehicles safety are set to be debated in the European Parliament in Brussels next week, with advisors for Boris Johnson saying that the outcome of the vote looks “finely balanced”

If passed, the moves will next need to be assessed by the Council of Ministers, representing individual EU member state governments.

Lead The Way In Fleet Management Best Practice

While it’s by no means certain that these increased lorry safety laws will be put into place here in Britain, that’s no reason to rest on your laurels.

With concerns being raised about the dangers posed by goods vehicles to cyclists and pedestrians in our cities, now is the time for fleet operators to demonstrate a pro-active and responsive attitude.

By safeguarding your commercial fleet with a high quality vehicle CCTV system, you will not only be sending a clear message to your customers and corporate partners about the value you place on public safety; you’ll also be taking a significant step towards protecting your company and drivers from:

Installing one of our truck reversing camera systems may also qualify you for reduced insurance rates on your fleet of vehicles.

VT56AE Lorry Reversing Camera System

While lorries and goods vehicles are still plagued by blind spots, particularly when reversing or turning, fleet operators can rely on innovative lorry reversing camera and CCTV systems to help prevent avoidable accidents.

One of our most popular products, VT56AE lorry reversing camera system is an affordable, dependable vehicle CCTV system comprising:

Increased Safety On The Road – and On-Site

The VT56AE reversing camera vehicle safety system is one of our most versatile and affordable systems. Ideally suited for –

– this innovative vehicle CCTV system offers a significant level of protection to both your fleet and anyone who comes into contact with it.

Whether your vehicle is in a busy city centre, where cyclists can easily be missed as they move through the traffic, or on an industrial site, where on-foot operatives may stand close to vehicles, the VT56AE truck reversing camera will enable your drivers to better assess their surroundings.

All of Vision Techniques reversing cameras and vehicle CCTV systems come with a 12-month return to base warranty, so why not trial them on your fleet today?

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