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Maintaining the lead: Why UK roads are the safest in Europe

Maintaining the lead: Why UK roads are the safest in Europe

Posted on 23rd Dec, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

Britain’s roads have famously been called amongst the safest in Europe, and even the safest in the world. According to a number of reports this year, Britain has performed consistently well. However, there is a concern that we could be doing much better than we are, cutting accidents and roads deaths by more.

Britain’s safe road status

Maintaining the lead: Why UK roads are the safest in Europe

A report released earlier this year by the European Transport Safety Council, revealed that the UK had the second safest roads in Europe by miles travelled. The only country to top the UK was Sweden. The Scandinavian country had fewer deaths than the UK per billion miles. Latvia and Poland, however, had the highest road deaths per billion miles travelled – more than four times more than the UK and over double the European average.

Another report, released in September by PACTS, supports the fact that our roads are incredibly safe. The report reveals that the UK has consistently been among the world’s countries with the lowest rates of road deaths.

Despite having safe roads and a low number of deaths on the road, the UK’s road safety statistics haven’t changed all that much over the last few years. The lack of change in figures suggests complacency.

A need to improve our roads

Maintaining the lead: Why UK roads are the safest in Europe

There are still a number of areas in which our roads do not perform well, for example:

  • The ratio of road deaths in the age category of 18-24, which was higher than in other countries.
  • The high proportion of deaths on roads with speed limits of 60mph.
  • More deaths than other countries per unit length of motorway.
  • A higher number of deaths among pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists than other countries.

It’s these areas in which it may be worth investing in. For example, investing in the safety of our motorways, better educating our younger drivers, and promoting vehicle safety technology.

Vehicle safety technology for safer roads

Maintaining the lead: Why UK roads are the safest in Europe

At Vision Techniques, we offer vehicle safety technology designed to make Britain’s roads safer. While we can’t change the way the roads work or their set-up, we can improve behaviours on Britain’s roads and ultimately reduce accidents.

Our cutting edge safety technologies, proven to reduce accidents, include:

  • VT TurnSafe, our cyclist safety technologies including a cyclist detection system, visible cyclist warning signs, side detection system and more.
  • VT Banksman, our reversing radar system to improve rear visibility in large vehicles.
  • VT Cameras, our top performing vehicle cameras to tackle issues including vehicle blindspots.
  • VT BrakeSafe and VT StopSafe, preventing runaway accidents and accidents involving out-of-control vehicles.

For more information about any of the products mentioned today, contact the Vision Techniques team on 08452 873 173.

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