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Key steps to maximising safety for cash-in-transit

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Posted on 29th May, 2018 by Dominic Benabda

Cash in transit is, by its very nature, a highly sensitive operation that demands high levels of awareness and alertness at all stages of the process, to minimise the chances of interference or intrusion from opportunistic thieves.

Even with careful management and adherence to proper procedure, staff may still find themselves confronted with a number of security risks and scenarios. Fortunately, cash-in-transit is amongst the major industries we serve here at Vision Techniques, which means that we stock a number of products specifically aimed at reducing or neutralising these threats entirely.

The risks and challenges faced by cash in transit staff

Not all of the challenges that staff and drivers must deal with are based in matters of security (although naturally, this accounts for a fair proportion of them). As well as the risk of being accosted by gangs or individuals seeking an opportunistic cash-grab, staff must also contend with:

  • The chances of the cash being stolen by other staff or outsiders
  • The risk of being followed by criminals en route to their destination
  • Collisions with pedestrians or other vehicles due to the large blind spots of security vans
  • Reversing accidents involving pedestrians
  • Unfounded insurance claims

Thankfully, however, there are a number of measures that can be taken in order to minimise these risks. These include:

  • Frequently varying routes, days and times of moving money, to make it harder for criminals to form plans to steal the money
  • Using smoke and dye money pack systems or cash staining transfer cases, which can help easily identify criminals and/or render the money unusable once stolen
  • Ensuring the cash is delivered using two-man teams, consisting of both a driver and a courier. The sight of backup is enough to deter most opportunistic thieves.
  • Parking as closely as possible to the door of the establishment or the cash machine in question, so that the cash is out in the open for the bare minimum amount of time
  • Using a secure, specially designed vehicle specifically adapted for the purpose, for maximum security.
  • Ensuring that staff aren’t afraid to challenge strangers, or anyone acting suspiciously in the general vicinity.

Which of our vehicle safety products can maximise security for cash-transit staff?

There are a whole range of devices and systems developed by Vision Techniques which can help maximise deterrence and ensure peace of mind. These include:

  • Mobile CCTV systems – these can help to deter thieves by providing obvious visibility and situational awareness, while digital video recorders can also help definitively identify any potentially successful perpetrators after the fact
  • GPS Tracking – helps to track the vehicle’s location in the event that it is stolen or compromised
  • RFID technology – prevents the vehicle’s cabin or cargo from being accessed by unauthorised persons, which provides an immediate and tangible boost in security.
  • Rear view camera – helps staff to maintain complete situational awareness all around the van. This is useful for both avoiding accidents with pedestrians walking around the back of the vehicle, and for identifying suspicious persons approaching the cargo area.

Of course, this is just a few examples. If you have a specific security issue in mind that you’d like to tackle, our sales associates are only too happy to advise you. Feel free to give us a call on 08452 873 170 – we’re here to help!