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Keeping safe and secure in the quarrying and mining industries

safety in the quarry mining industry

Posted on 29th Jan, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

Accidents happen on the best of Britain’s roads, so imagine the increased dangers drivers and employees face on quarrying and mining sites. Faced with poor road surfaces, potential dirt and dust in the atmosphere and blind spots all around means drivers need to be take extra precautions when moving around these work sites. How? Let’s find out!

Quarrying and mining dos

  • Make sure there’s all round visibility for operators of vehicles to avoid unnecessary accidents. Our reversing camera systems such as VT70JM or VT35AE will be able to aid visibility for drivers
  • When using complex vehicles, use the proper equipment to secure loads properly. The risks from falling equipment are far too high
  • Carefully plan your site layout and draw up site rules. Make sure all employees are aware of the rules and display them wherever you can on site
  • Do invest in products that will help to improve driver and site safety

Quarrying and mining don’ts

  • Don’t operate vehicles unless you’re trained and authorised to do so. VT Safe Guard is a multifunctional product that can control who operates the vehicle as well as a number of other important functions, such as the level of fuel used
  • Don’t forget the importance of health and safety training – make sure all drivers and employees are well aware of the risks and how to best handle situations they may be faced with. Even workers on site need to be aware, as they could potentially be hit by a vehicle if they wear ear defenders that block out the sounds of a reversing alarm.
  • Don’t forget to carry out regular maintenance checks on all vehicles. Even the simplest of faults could have detrimental consequences.

Explore our product range

Vision Techniques create products to ensure vehicle safety and security. We have a number of products designed specifically for the quarrying and mining sector, some of which are listed below.

CrashCAM – An accident recording system that allows you to monitor a driver’s safety and general driving performance, preventing false and fraudulent claims.

LED Lightbulbs – A lightboard of high intensity LED lights that flash up warning signs to attract attention. With over nine warning available, you’re guaranteed to find one suitable for your vehicle.

VMS Reversing Radar System – Through the use of a Sensor Vision radar system, VMS automatically applies the brakes of a vehicle if warning signs are ignored.

Sensor Vision Reversing Radar System – Used by many blue-chip organisations, this safety system is highly reliable and cost effective. It’s totally programmable and as such, false alarms can be minimised.

Turnsafe – Traditionally used as a suite of tools to detect cyclists, the Turnsafe range provides audible visual awareness, visible cyclist warning, a side detection system and blind spot visibility.

We’re the chosen brand for many blue-chip organisations and have a whole suite of products with a reputation that’s second to none. What’s more, we’ll also be able to install the product properly into your vehicle for you and will be on hand to answer whatever questions you may have.

To explore the full range of products, take a look at our webpage dedicated specifically to Quarrying and Mining vehicle safety.

Have you tried any products from the range? If so, we’d love to hear what you though. Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique