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Keeping safe and secure in the waste management industries

Waste management sites are inherently dangerous and busy places. People are most vulnerable at these sites when waste is being collected and vehicles are present. To avoid accidents in this environment, vehicle operators need to be vigilant and aware of other road users as well as fully aware of the dangers that exist if proper safety procedures are not followed.

There are a number of behaviours that should and shouldn’t occur on a waste management site, as well as a variety of products that make the job of a waste management vehicle operator that little bit easier – a few of which we’ll explore today.

Waste management dos

Waste management don’ts

Enhance safety with specialised products from Vision Techniques

With potential incidents including reversing and blind spot accidents, false insurance claims, damage to parked vehicles and negligence; it’s worth investing in better safety and security for your vehicle.

Our vehicle safety products can help reduce your number of accidents, lower insurance costs, deter vandals and thieves as well as give both managers and drivers peace of mind.

Some of our recommended products include:

TurnSafe – Featuring TurnAlarm, for audible visual awareness, TurnSensor, for detecting moving objects close to your side, and TurnCamera, to increase blind spot visibility; the TurnSafe suite of products helps you to detect cyclists and make road users more aware of your presence.

VT Ident – Designed to control aspects of a vehicle’s operation and prevent unauthorised people from using potentially dangerous systems. VT Ident allows your vehicle to be left unattended without the worry of unauthorised operation or theft.

VT Banksman – The six products within this range are designed to gives better rear visibility, reducing the risk of colliding with objects, vehicles and pedestrians.

VT Cameras – Our CCTV cameras include exceptional features such as LED night vision, ultra-wide lenses, aluminium enforced cases and 360 degree fluid angling. They’re ideal for eliminating blind spots and make fantastic security cameras.

VT CrashCam Driving Event Recorders – This accident recording system allows you to monitor a driver’s safety and general driving performance, preventing false and fraudulent claims.

To find out about any of the products mentioned today, follow the links to our website. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 08456 196 103

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