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Keeping safe and secure in the emergency services industry

Posted on 5th Mar, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

Emergency services drivers have a tough job – driving in high-pressure circumstances and environments, at a speed, is certainly no mean feat. We rely on them to keep us safe, both inside and outside of the vehicle, everyday, so the security and safety of drivers and their vehicles is vital.

With potential accidents possible on every corner, the industry often benefits from the assistance of vehicle safety solutions, provided by us here at Vision Techniques.

We’ll be exploring just a few of these on today’s blog.

The heightened risks of emergency services driving

When you’re driving an ambulance, police car or fire engine, traditional safety measures – such as low speeds – are often foreshadowed by necessity and circumstance. Driving in such a way requires real skill but also heightens traditional risks common to most drivers, for example:

Increased risks of accidents because of decreased visibility in dark conditions

Collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians because of blind spots

Reversing accidents – when pedestrians can’t see the moving vehicle

There are also additional risks for the emergency services, for example, the risk of vehicles being chased by criminals.

For these circumstances, and all those described above, there’s only so much that an intensive training course and years of experience can protect against.

That’s exactly why the emergency services invest in products like ours, to give them peace of mind and confidence on the roads.

Product solutions for the emergency services

We have a number of product solutions for the emergency services industry; all of which can decrease the risk of accidents and provide assurance to drivers. They include:

VT TurnSafe for cyclist safety – Featuring a number of products, the TurnSafe range has been designed to remove blind spots and make road users more aware of your presence. It includes:

An alarm for audible visual awareness

An illuminated sign, giving cyclists a visible warning of your presence

A sensor, which locates danger down the side of your vehicle

A camera for blind spot visibility


VT IDent for vehicle control – While VD IDent controls electrical and hydraulical elements of your vehicle; VT IDent DriveStop prevents unauthorised access to the brakes and ignition of your vehicle.

It’s an essential investment for those high pressure situations and scenarios where you may be at risk from criminals.


VT Cameras, VT CrashCAM and VT Live – Multi-camera and digital video recording systems are an essential tool for the police and emergency services – deterring and assisting in the prosecution of offenders.

They also protect your drivers by providing valuable evidence should an accident occur.


VT Banksman for improved rear visibility – In high pressure situations being aware of what’s behind you at all times is made even more difficult.

Our reversing radar systems reduce the risk of colliding with objects, vehicles and pedestrians and can also apply an automatic braking system should an object appear in the danger zone.


To find out more about any of the products mentioned in today’s blog, call us on 08456 198 111

Are you in the Emergency Services Industry? If so, why not tell us what products you use to safeguard your vehicles and maximise road safety? You can leave your comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique