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ITV’s Car Crash Britain features Vision Techniques!

ITV's Car Crash Britain features Vision Techniques

Posted on 11th Feb, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

Some of our products have appeared in the limelight once again, this time in Car Crash Britain. The ITV series, Car Crash Britain – Caught on Camera, looks at footage captured by members of the public on Britain’s roads and highways.

It features head-on crashes and near misses and on Thursday’s episode some of our in-vehicle camera technology was featured too – flagging up the importance of camera systems in your vehicle.

As one of the leading suppliers of digital vehicle recorders and in-vehicle camera and sensor systems, Vision Techniques have a wide range of camera solutions available.

Protect yourself against fraudulent claims with CrashCam


Our CrashCAM is just one of our popular solutions; an affordable dashboard camera designed to protect you from fraudulent claims that may result from an orchestrated accident. Once fit inside your vehicle, the CrashCAM captures high definition footage with G-sensor technology and takes good quality 5MP photographs.

The G-sensor technology also detects intense movements, automatically recording and saving footage without the need to press any buttons. The CrashCAM is essentially a forward-facing black box accident recorder, which gives you invaluable recordings of accidents or incidents that have taken place.

Record the moments that matter most with our DVR systems

itv_carcrash2Another one of our popular digital vehicle recorders (DVR) is VT Live, a real-time 360 degree CCTV and DVR system.

VT Live can stream live video footage from a fitted camera to any location using its remote connectivity – ensuring it doesn’t just protect against fraudulent claims, it also increases vehicle and crew safety. VT Live also includes a GPS tracking system to show the vehicle’s exact location, which is essential in cases of serious accidents.

Alongside VT Live, you’ll find a number of other fantastic DVRs that have a proven record of capturing accidents on the road. These include:

  • VT H264 DVR Recorder
  • VT RecordOne

Any product with a live video feed, such as VT Live, can also be further enriched with VT Video Analytics. VT Video Analytics examines your digital video feeds, captured by your DVR system, precisely – missing absolutely nothing. The main benefits of the software is that it allows less time to be used up monitoring multiple video feeds and allows quicker response times, should that be required.

Discover the right in-vehicle camera solution for you

To find out more about any of the products mentioned in today’s blog, give the Vision Techniques team a call on 08452 873 248.

It can be difficult to decide which of our dashboard cameras, DVR systems and camera systems are best for your vehicle. But once you tell us what type of vehicle you drive and your typical driving environment we’ll be able to suggest the best cameras to suit your needs.

Have you ever been a victim of fraudulent or false claims on the road? If so, we’d love to hear your story. Tell us in the comments below or tweet your story to @VisionTechnique