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Posted on 20th Mar, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

mvo-may-2011MVO Magazine

Malcolm Bates travels to Blackburn, Lancashire, to get a glimpse of the future. What systems will the next generation of RCVs need? Michael Hanson and his team at Vision Techniques should know, they have “tomorrow” nailed already and are busy working on the next decade…

What’s the biggest problem with running a fleet of municipal vehicles? How long have we got? It used to be the combination of matching the right spec with what local politicians would expect and pat for. The whole tender process was geared around trying to balance operational requirements with a system that encouraged “stability”, while limiting the scope for corruption.

Like al legal, or quasi-legal mechanisms, it worked slowly and was still open to “interpretation”. Privatisation changed everything. But leaving aside all the political upheaval and harm that has been done over the last 30 years, all the politically divisive legislation has had some positive benefits. Personally, I’m convinced they have happened more by accident than design, however…

Firstly, in an effort to enable more commercial companies to take over public sector contracts, some bright political spark (that phrase doesn’t crop up very often!) realised that there had to be an active equipment hire/rental market in place first and that needed cheaper finance.

This was essential because commercial newcomers just didn’t have “spare” vehicles available. Not a political problem when your best mates were bankers…

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