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Issues facing courier drivers in urban areas

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Posted on 13th Jul, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

Light Good Vehicles are highly prominent on Britain’s roads – from motorways right through to urban areas. In fact, the number of vans in Britain has been rising 2.5 times more quickly than cars in recent years and now account for about one in 10 of the country’s vehicles.

In a recent DFT report on road casualties, vans were said to contribute to less than 5% of the 1,775 casualties that occurred last year. Analysis on data published by the Government in 2014 has also shown that just one in 247 has a chance of being involved in an accident – as opposed to one in 146 of car drivers and one in 26 bus and coach drivers. These are great statistics as far as fleet managers are concerned but, as always, can be improved upon. Vans are still contributing to causalities involving pedal cyclists and pedestrians and with the right technologies these accidents can be minimised.

3 causes of accidents for the LGV driver in urban areas

Tight timescales and hectic workloads

With deliveries to residential properties being one of the major uses of LGVs and vans across the UK, drivers are often under immense pressure. They often have tight timescales to meet and are drive in peak times, which can lead to erratic driving behaviour and lack of awareness.

A study, by AXA Business Insurance and Road Safety Analysis, raised a red flag for van drivers about tiredness too – one of the major causes of accidents.

Solution: VT Turnsafe & VT Cameras


With a busy schedule, it’s often more convenient for van drivers to dive into a convenient space rather than park somewhere more appropriate. This too causes problems when they manoeuvre their vehicle out of the place they’ve chosen to park. Reversing accidents can happen in these situations – causing harm to members of the public, or the driver’s vehicle if they’ve reversed into bollards or low walls. In fact, according to the study by AXA Business Insurance and Road Safety Analysis, van drivers are 142% more likely to crash when reversing – and when they’re parked up they’re 40% more likely to be a crash target.

Solution: VT Banksman – Reversing Radar System

Reliance on technology

With new locations and roads to stop by on a daily basis a courier driver certainly needs their SatNav. However, with long, tiring hours and a SatNav to focus on that all-important attention can be taken away from the roads.

This lack of focus and awareness can take attention away from being mindful of blind spots. Although the LGV isn’t as large as the HGV, there is still the risk of colliding with cyclists due to reliance on side mirrors rather than the mirror and rear windows.

Solution: VT Turnsafe – Cyclist Safety System

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