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Introducing… CrashCAM™, the very latest dash cams for your vehicle

Installing a dash cam can protect you from idiots and scammers on the road.

Police in the USA have been using them for decades to record footage when pulling over drivers. Now the technology is catching on in the UK amongst fleet operators and young drivers.

CrashCAMs™ are great little cameras that are easy to use and install. They are small, produce nice, clear HD videos and are very affordable.

Evidence against scammers and idiots

Drivers who have seen their car insurance rates soar are seeking in car accident recording systems because video footage from products such as CrashCAMs™ can help you avoid a ‘your word against mine’ situation.

A large number of dash cam video clips have been posted on YouTube, including clips of scammers faking getting hit by cars when the car was stationery. CrashCAM™ can help disapprove damaging and fraudulent claims – the forward facing cameras are mounted onto your vehicles windscreen and continuously record your journey.

When scammers refuse to accept liability, exaggerate a claim or deliberately cause an accident – video footage is the best evidence you can have.

HGV drivers are also beginning to use them as they are often blamed for accidents. Blame is nearly always attached to the driver who hits the vehicle from the rear – CrashCAM™ acts as your own reliable witness and can prove that you are blameless.

Letting your teenager drive your car?

Many parents are buying in car dash cams as a condition for letting their teenagers have access to their car. If you would like to know where your teenager has been, whether they are accepting phone calls whilst behind the wheel or worse, driving erratically then the footage from your CrashCAM™ can provide you with irrefutable answers.

CrashCAM™ allows parents to keep an eye out on their teenagers every time they drive by saving data on a storage device. As long as the driver uses the camera to record all their journeys, there’s no need to worry about handing over the keys to your car.

Dash cams can also prove what your teenager is doing right! The footage can also prove valuable if they are accused of causing an accident, for which they are not to blame.

CrashCAM™ is suitable for both private car owners and fleet operators.
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