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Does an increase in road freight activity raise the need for safety?

Does an increase in road freight activity raise the need for safety?

Posted on 5th Sep, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

According to the Department for Transport, domestic road freight activity increased in 2015. The statistics, released in August 2016, showed a rise in the distance covered, goods moved, and goods lifted by HGVs during 2015. With more HGVs on the road, freight-related accidents continued to be an issue too. In 2015, there were 6,037 accidents involving at least one HGV and 8,344 casualties.

The latest vehicle statistics

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The recently released report measured the activity of GB-registered heavy goods vehicles operating across the UK. In 2015, 18.4 billion kilometres were covered by HGVs, an increase of 9%, and 152 billion tonne kilometres moved, an increase of 12%. Furthermore, 1.65 tonnes of goods were lifted too – an increase of 11% on the 2014 statistics.

Road freight continues to be the main method of transporting freight across the UK. The type of vehicles used for freight now tends to be larger HGVs. In fact, the number of goods moved by large, rigid HGVs (over 25 tonnes) and large, articulated HGVs (over 33 tonnes) has increased massively since 1990. The use of large, rigid HGVs has increased by 83% and the use of large, articulated HGVs by 69%.

With Internet shopping continuing to rise and a continued increase in traffic, safety in freight vehicles has never been so important. Road Traffic Statistics estimate that HGV traffic has increased by 3.7% between 2014 and 2015 to amount to 16.7 billion vehicle miles. This increase is the largest annual increase since the 1980s.


Safety solutions for freight vehicles

VT Turnaware

At Vision Techniques, we have a huge range of vehicle safety products for freight vehicle operators. We know that when accidents involving an HGV occur, the outcome is usually much worse than a car crash. With this in mind, we’ve created safety solutions designed to increase safety and security of freight vehicles. From reversing cameras to vehicle control systems – you’ll find all the best safety solutions here at Vision Techniques.

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Our TurnSafe range includes cameras, detection systems, alarms and more to prevent against HGV-cyclist collisions. These products help to remove blind spots and make road users more aware of your presence.

Best vhicle safety solutions for vehicle security

If you’re looking for a security product that protects against vehicle theft, look no further than VT Ident. It allows you to control electrical and hydraulical elements of your vehicle while preventing unauthorised access to the brake and ignition of your vehicle.

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Our vehicle cameras capture every single moment. Ideal for all sizes of vehicle, you can expect a high-quality camera that’s IP-rated and waterproof as standard.

For more information on safety solutions for freight operators, head over to the our truck safety page.

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