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Ident launched at RWM 2014

Posted on 23rd Sep, 2014 by Dominic Benabda

VT Ident was officially launched at this years RWM using an innovative video playback system to demonstrate its ability to control any electronic or hydraulic system.

Tour of RWM StandOur Ident system was proudly exhibited at this years RWM in NEC Birmingham, alongside our range of best-selling products VT Live, VT Banksman and our cyclist safety range, VT TurnSafe.

The vehicle control system was able to control the playback of our promotional videos on the stand using our RFID tag readers, with each tag controlling a different video when presented to the stand wall.

“The Ident system is much more than an ignition system, or bin lift access – it’s a platform to control any element of a vehicle, and the possibilities of integrating with new vehicles and different industries are endless.” Explained Andy Kelly, business development manager for Vision Techniques.
The launch of the system marks the start of a new range of products, with VT Ident DriveStop – which controls the ignition system, and VT Ident LiftStop – which provides access to the rear machinery joining the product catalog in the coming weeks.

“This show has been essential to make our customers aware of this new technology and gives us an opportunity to tailor this new system to meet our customers needs.”

Ident on StandThe new VT Ident system is now available from Vision Techniques and our sales team is ready to develop the control system for your vehicles. Contact us on 01254 679717, or email us at