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How has vehicle recording technology advanced?

How has vehicle recording technology advanced

Posted on 19th Oct, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

Dashcams have been available for a while now, but it’s only in recent years that we have seen major advances. Improvements in dashcams have allowed vehicle operators and fleet managers to get a lot more out of the technology – from better coverage to clearer, crisper pictures. At Vision Techniques, we lead the way in vehicle technology – offering the best solutions on the market. One newest vehicle recording technology, VT Record, shows just how far this technology has come and what today’s modern technology can offer.

Advancements in vehicle recording technology

vehicle recording technology

There’s no doubt about how useful vehicle recording technology is. It helps protect against false claims, reduces the cost of insurance and offers peace of mind to vehicle operators and their employers too. With upgrades in telematics, managers can get daily reports on everything from speeding to harsh braking and revving – helping them to cut fuel costs and save money. Live streaming also ensures quick, responsive action – should an accident occur – while upgrades in connection to 4G allow your vehicle recording technology to work harder.

At Vision Techniques, we combine all the best developments to create cutting edge products. Our vehicle recording technologies combine the basics of your regular dashboard camera with the best new features, ensuring you get the most out of your product.

VT Record: A leading vehicle recording technology device

Our newest product, VT Record, shows just how far vehicle recording technology has come along. It features superfast 3G and 4G video streaming while boasting 360-degree coverage of your whole vehicle. Its unique features make technically advanced reporting simple too – making for better fleet tracking and reporting. Best of all, you get all this at a highly competitive cost; in fact, it’s our lowest price recording system!

VT Record is now one of the best solutions on the market to protect against false claims. Engineered to capture all the action, it can provide liability and provide evidence – saving your business thousands while looking after your staff. Alongside this, VT Record also allows you to monitor the journey of every vehicle while monitoring driver behaviour. In turn, this will allow you to improve driver performance with training and reduce vehicle costs – making your business more profitable.

Other features of VT Record include:

  • IP69 waterproof cameras
  • Four camera support
  • High definition capture
  • Tailored software
  • GPS support
  • Fitted with a strong tamperproof lock

As always, you can expect a great build product with VT Record. Its robust aluminium body ensures it handles all environments while its 500 GB DVR ensures weeks of recording space. Give us a call on 08452 872 240 to find out more.

Looking to team your new vehicle recording solution with the best in reversing radar systems? VT Banksman helps to improve rear visibility in larger vehicles and is another must-have addition. Some versions also offer an automatic braking system that applies the brake when in danger. To find out more, visit the product page.

What do you think of our newest product VT Record? Drop us a tweet @VisionTechniques to let us know.