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How Crashcam can help YOU!

Have you ever thought about how much easier it would be if you didn’t have to worry about people claiming that it was your fault in a crash?

Well, there actually is an easy, and cheap, way of taking care of this headache – This nifty little piece of equipment!

The ‘Crashcam ’ is a small driving event recorder (DVR) with a forward-facing camera that you can stick to your car’s windscreen and continuously record your journey.

You can also add a second camera either internally or externally to record other areas of the vehicle.

But what’s the point – we hear you ask?

The point is to have evidence against false claims. A video record of your journey will provide you your very own eyewitness account of accidents. So, if it wasn’t your fault, you have conclusive proof you are in the right.

Incidentally, that’s also where the second camera comes in handy. If you attach it to the near side blind spot, where most accidents occur, you will be totally equipped to deal with any erroneous claim.
Or, mounting the second camera inside your vehicle instead, you can check cargo for evidence of theft or damage.

Many insurance companies will even offer a discount on your policy for having one fitted for this reason.

So, essentially, it will save you money, and that should be incentive enough.

On top of this, the cost effective mobile DVR system records the driver’s performance, meaning you can assess whether your vehicle is being driven safely and economically.

For good measure, the mobile DVR system also includes a GPS tracking and mapping system, which can be used to monitor vehicle positioning and routing, as well as a G shock meter.

The question is, for such a low investment, is it sensible NOT to consider a Crashcam?

For further information please use the link below:

Crashcam – ‘Cash For Crash’ Accident Recorder