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HGV Sat Nav Steer Drivers Out Of Trouble

For many years Sat Nav has had its fair share of criticism when HGVs and other large road going vehicles rely on them for directions.

Low bridges, narrow lanes, weight restrictions and housing estates have stranded many a HGV or resulted in fines for drivers.

You may or may not know that a solution has existed in the sat nav world for over five years in the guise of dedicated HGV specific Sat Nav systems – but how are they different?

Firstly, HGV Sat Nav systems allow you to enter your exact vehicle dimensions into the memory of the device, including height, weight, width, weight and even weight per axle and load type on some.

Then, using unique algorithms, your vehicle dimensions are taken into account when calculating your route. Low bridges, weight restrictions and other hazards are avoided to leave you with a trouble free, efficient route.

This saves drivers time and stress in the planning of safe routes combining the convenience of sat nav with the detailed knowledge of the road network and restrictions.

Drivers can search for industrial estates, truck stops, HGV fuel stations and other points of interest that regular sat navs simply wouldn’t offer.

There are a number of options currently on the market, which offer free lifetime map updates.

For further information, visit our friends at the Sat Nav Warehouse.