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Good news for cyclists as collisions in the capital fall

In some very welcome news, the latest data by Transport for London (TfL) reveals that the number of serious injuries suffered by cyclists on the capital’s roads has fallen by 28% in the last year.

According to the annual figures released at the end of last month, there were 475 serious injuries to cyclists in 2013 – a significant drop from the 657 in 2012. The improved level of safety is being attributed in part to the co-ordinated road safety initiatives including Operation Safeway and the Industrial HGV Task Force.

With the Industrial HGV Task Force set to continue to operate across London, Vision Techniques is advising commercial fleet owners to take a pro-active approach to vehicle safety and support TfL in its aim to reduce serious injury on London’s roads by 40% before 2020.

Vehicle safety systems to keep your fleet safer

Driving in a busy inner-city environment is a high risk profession, so it’s important that you take steps to protect your fleet – as well as the members of the public your drivers will encounter on the road. One false move can spell disaster on a crowded road, so why not protect your staff with one of our innovative vehicle safety solutions?

VT Overview™ uses state-of-the-art cameras to give your drivers a 360° view around their vehicle. Ideal for municipal vehicles like waste collection trucks, and public transport like buses, VT Overview also features an audible alarm to warn drivers of any emerging hazards within their turning space. A quick look at the clear view monitor, located in the cab, will enable your driver to identify the risk and act accordingly.

Our VT TurnSafe™ vehicle safety system is designed specifically with cyclists and pedestrians in mind.  The solution comprises three features, which can be used alone or in conjunction with one another to offer a complete vehicle safety solution.

TurnAlarm™ is a cost-effective solution that helps to alert other road users to your presence, giving off an audio and visual warning when cyclists and pedestrians move into your driver’s turning space.

TurnSensor™uses ultrasonic technology to detect hazards within dangerous proximity to the vehicle, alerting the driver to the presence and location of the potential danger via an in-cab display unit.

TurnCamera™ is a tailored vehicle safety system that gives drivers an extra pair of eyes in their blind spots. The system’s mini cam attaches to the front wing of your vehicle, opening up the hard-to-see area between the front and side of the vehicle – a notorious cyclist danger zone.

The system is triggered when the left or right indicator is used, helping to reduce information overload and give your drivers extra information only when it’s needed.

Talk to Vision Techniques about improving your vehicle safety today

Here at Vision Techniques, we know that every fleet is different. From the vehicles you operate to the routes you take, you need a vehicle safety solution that suits your unique requirements.

Our friendly, expert staff can talk you through our range of cutting-edge vehicle safety solutions, helping you to identify the technology best suited to your fleet. Call us today on 8452 873 438 to find out more.

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