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Completely FREE cyclist safety systems!

Posted on 26th Jan, 2015 by Dominic Benabda


Button_MessageTo celebrate 25 years of delivering innovative safety systems we’re giving away our cyclist awareness system, TurnAlarm with our DVR recording systems.

The VT TurnAlarm system is a high visibility audio and visual warning device that will alert of imminent danger, protecting vulnerable road users.

Environmentally friendly, IP67 waterproof and volume adjustable, the system is designed to reduce the risk of accidents when making dangerous road manoveures.

Download the PDF for this offer here!

System Features

Speed Awarefree cyclist safety systems

Limiter turns off cyclist system if driving above tailored speed.

Danger Zone

High visibility unit is installed specifically in the cyclist danger area.


Combines effectively with DVR recording system

Long Distance

High intensity LEDs can be seen from up to 100m away


If you’re interested in our free cyclist safety systems and taking advantage of this amazing offer call us on 01254 679717 or email us on quoting #TA3 to secure this limited offer.