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Five ways reversing cameras will enhance vehicle safety

Although most people understand that reversing cameras improve vehicle safety, not many know the specific benefits. Promote safe driving by installing reversing cameras and reversing sensors.

Benefits of reversing camera systems

1.No more relying on your wing mirrors : With a reversing camera system, you have a much wider field of vision. The clear, non distorted picture on a reversing camera system monitor is often much better than side mirrors.

2. Easily avoid damage to your vehicle: It can be tricky reverse manoeuvring and fitting into tight spaces. You can efficiently turn while moving backwards with reversing cameras, especially if you also have reversing sensors fitted too, because you are better able to judge the area.

3. Awareness of all kinds of hazards: Pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles that are usually not in the driver’s field of vision are easily seen with reversing cameras and sensors.

4. Legal benefits: If you have a crash to the rear of the vehicle, you will have clear video evidence of the event. With a recording vehicle camera you can capture every moment. This evidence is valued by insurance companies and legal proceedings and prevent you from having to scrap your car.

5. Vehicle diversity: From truck and lorries to privately owned cars, reversing cameras can be useful in just about any vehicle. It is particular important in employment, where drivers are on the road for most of the day, but it is also important for people who have injuries or are older and less confident behind the wheel.

Most reversing cameras use a wide-angle lens, which may not give you a long distance view, but will vastly improve your short range vision. You will have a full view across the length of your car, making it much easier to reverse.

An excellent compliment to a reversing camera is the installation of reverse sensors. Reversing sensors are particularly valuable for drivers of larger vehicles to prevent collisions.

It is important to install a reversing camera system properly to get the maximum safety benefits, ideally installed by professional engineers.

However, if you choose to install it on your own, follow the directions to the letter. Reversing cameras are becoming more and more common as people begin to appreciate the benefits.

Many of the latest models includes innovative features such as superb quality night vision and self cleaning wipers, making them the perfect safety tool for you vehicle.

Blackburn-based Vision Techniques offers the very latest reversing camera systems, which are successful in most industries and sectors.

Recognised as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of vehicle safety products, Vision Techniques helps save lives across the country, from workers in dangerous environments to small children crossing the road.

The firm offers a wide range of branded reversing camera systems and safety equipment to suit any application and budget.

It’s reversing cameras include innovative new technology, such as the Mirror Monitor system, an ultra-compact reverse camera system, which is transformed to look like an ordinary rear view mirror.

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