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Fines for those that flout London’s safer lorry scheme


Posted on 18th Jan, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

Two companies that flouted London’s Safer Lorry Scheme (SLS) by using unsafe vehicles have been prosecuted and fined. The vehicles, which were not fitted with the proper safety equipment mandated by the 2015 scheme, are proof that the SLS is being taken extremely seriously by road transport officials. Moreover, the case highlights the ever-growing importance of cyclist safety technology.

The Safer Lorry Scheme, launched in September 2015, was set up to ensure that vehicles entering the capital, that weighed more than 3.5 tonnes, were fitted with side guards and Class V and VI mirrors. These features were deemed essential in helping to protect cyclists from being dragged under the wheels of a lorry in the event of a collision. Class V and VI mirrors would also give drivers a better view of cyclists and pedestrians.

Both D&R Grab Hire and What A Load of Rubbish failed to meet these new standards and their vehicles stopped by officers. They were found to be in breach of the SLS traffic regulation order by having no Class VI mirrors or sideguards fitted to their vehicles, despite the September 2015 warning.

These companies aren’t the only ones that have failed to show compliancy. Transport for London announced that since the start of the SLS, 5,610 vehicles have been targeted and stopped, with 269 of those identified as non-compliant. That’s nearly 5% of all lorries on London’s roads.

Ways to improve your road safety

While it’s vital to make the necessary adaptions to your vehicle to meet the SLS standards, there are also a number of other ways to improve your road safety.

  1. Plan ahead – Rushing or speeding on a journey is a huge cause of accidents and poor decision making. Analyse the traffic and your route before you set off and make sure you keep updated.
  2. Stay alert – It only takes a blink of an eyelid or slip of concentration for an accident to occur. Tiredness kills, so take a break every two hours and whenever you’re feeling tired.
  3. Don’t tailgate – Always leave a safe distance when driving to allow for braking and emergencies.
  4. Avoid sideswiping – Don’t get lazy with highway etiquette. Indicate to give other road users plenty of notice about your intentions and triple-check your mirrors at all times.
  5. Invest in safety technology – Make negotiating the roads easier with revolutionary technologies. Offering an extra pair of eyes and peace of mind you’ll find a whole range of useful technologies at Vision Technique. Some of our bestsellers include VT TurnSafe, the ultimate suite of tools to ensure cyclist safety; VT BrakeSafe, technology that engages the brakes when you forget; and a huge range of VT Cameras, offering better visibility, recording functionality, and peace of mind.

To find out more about any of the safety technologies mentioned today, give the team a call on 08452 873 169. You can also find the relevant safety products for your vehicle over on our Industries page.

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