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Fatal Accidents Inquiry highlights the urgent need for AEBS technology


Posted on 4th Jan, 2016 by Jonathan Peach

One in ten vehicles on our motorways is a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). However, despite the low ratio of HGVs to other types of vehicle, they’re involved in half of all fatal accidents. A large majority of accidents result from failure to brake, so anything that helps a lorry stop more quickly – such as AEBS technology will be a vital addition to vehicle technology.

Last month an inquiry was launched almost a year after the tragic boxing day incident, in which six pedestrians were killed. In the report, released last month (December 2015), sheriff John Beckett QC placed the majority of the responsibility for the accident on driver Harry Clarke’s decision to cover up his history of blackouts. The report also outlined a series of recommendations to a variety of bodies, including Glasgow City Council, to avoid similar accidents in the future. One of these recommendations was the installation of AEBS in HGVs.

The sheriff called on councils to ensure all its vehicles were fitted with Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS). This would mean any new vehicles must have the system in place while older vehicles without AEBS (including that involved in the accident) should be retrofitted.

EU legislation also mandates the requirement of AEBS on almost all new HGVs over 7.5 tonnes. With this type of vehicle being involved in one in five deaths and serious injuries on UK roads, the installation of AEBS has never been so relevant.

AEBS technology: Saving lives

Recent research has shown just how much of an impact this major technology can make. According to Euro NCAP and ANCAP, the independent safety bodies for Europe and Australasia, AEB has already reduced real-world rear-end crashes by 38% and is proving to be key to gaining the coveted NCAP 5 star safety rating. And while it will be a matter of years before all HGVs on the road are fitted with this technology, the sooner the process begins, the better.

Upgrade the safety of your vehicle today


While the introduction of new mandatory technology is a positive change, there are ways to improve the safety of your vehicle right now. Rather than wait months or years for your vehicle to be updated to meet the most recent safety standards, why not take action today to improve safety on Britain’s roads?

Once of our most recent products, VT BrakeSafe, will take care of common braking incidents for you. The handbrake, failsafe system will automatically apply the brake should you forget – and works even with the ignition off. What’s more, the technology is also fitted with an audible alarm to alert you of any braking-related mistakes immediately. This will allow you to quickly correct your actions, pull the handbrake, and protect against serious injury.

To find out more about VT BrakeSafe, or any of our recommended safety products for HGVs, give our team a call today on 08452 875 637. You can also browse our HGV and Freight section online – an area that describes the common incidents and the relevant technologies to maintain your vehicle’s safety.

Do you use new AEBS technology? If so, how has it improved your safety when when driving and your overall confidence on the road? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique