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Everything you need to know about talking reversing alarms

Incidents caused by vehicles reversing remain one of the biggest causes of serious road accidents in the commercial, refuse and quarry and mining industries. While there are a number of steps that might help to reduce the risk of reversing accidents, talking reversing alarms remain one of the simplest and most effective methods of tackling the problem.

The benefits of an audible alarm

Alerting others

The unique noise of an audible alarm means that roads users, workers, cyclists and pedestrians can all easily be alerted when they’re in the presence of a reversing vehicle. This is particularly useful if they’re positioned within the driver’s blind sport.

Tailored to your needs

Audible alarms don’t just make one, standard, shrill noise. They can be tailored to suit very specific applications – from warnings that a handbrake hasn’t been applied to worded alarms that advertise specific warnings or even corporate messages.

If you do fit a reversing alarm, you need to make sure:

A solution in VT TurnAlarm

VT TurnAlarm has been designed to clearly warn pedestrians that you are reversing – without creating the excessive noise that’s unwelcomed by the neighbourhood. It’s easily fit to large vehicles with a single rear bolt fixing, wired directly to the reversing light. Through the use of clever technology it combines an audible alarm with flashing LED lights and is automatically engaged as soon as you put your vehicle into reverse. What’s more, you can select from a variety of modes available on the device. You can opt to switch off the audible alarm completely – or half it – by intensifying the LED warning lights instead.

Other things to consider when reversing

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