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VT Banksman: Effective Fleet Vehicle Reversing System

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Posted on 21st Jul, 2017 by Dominic Benabda

Our VT Banksman reversing vehicle radar is one of our most renowned products we stock here at Vision Techniques. It’s even gained formal recognition from the Health and Safety Executive, Britain’s foremost safety authority, as an effective, cost-efficient reversing warning system. In this week’s blog, we’ll be looking at its advantages and capabilities, and how can it help a number of HGV industries.

How Does It Work?

The VT Banksman is an advanced and versatile system that incorporates clever technology in the form of directional sensing and speed thresholding. The VT Banksman system uses proximity sensors that activate whenever the driver reverses, using radio waves to project signals between the sensors and any possible obstructions. This radar covers three ‘detection zones’, the areas of which are pre-programmable according to the needs of the driver or industry. VT Banksman will locate any objects positioned within these detection zones, and warn the driver of the potential for any collisions.

The driver is notified with an audible warning and by means of a visual in-cab display when an object enters the outermost zone. If the vehicle continues reversing toward the obstruction, the radar will track when it the object enters the final zone. When this happens, the system will automatically apply the brakes to prevent the possibility of any collision. However, the driver can choose to consciously override this failsafe in the event of a tight manoeuvre.

Advantages Of The VT Banksman For Fleet Owners And Operators

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Some customers may find that although our vehicle cameras and reversing cameras are helpful, they might not be sufficient on their own. Camera systems can provide a handy extra field of vision, but in unpredictable environments accidents can still happen, especially if the driver is distracted.

The VT Banksman radar tackles this problem directly, as an intelligent, fully programmable system designed specifically for use on HGV vehicles in busy or ever-changing environments. It gives vulnerable individuals such as site staff, passing pedestrians and cyclists an extra layer of protection from the risks of large, heavy vehicles with limited fields of view. It’s also invaluable in assisting drivers to make difficult manoeuvres in narrow, tight spaces or smaller environments.

What’s more, as well as increasing the safety of the vehicles themselves, VT Banksman also protects drivers and fleet owners from compensation claims and other legal issues that might arise from any accidents.

How The VT Banksman Is Used In Our Customer Industries

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Amongst our own customers here at Vision Techniques, records from our case studies show that all customers who’ve purchased the system have enjoyed a record completely free of reversing accidents. Two examples of industries that have particularly benefited from the product include construction and municipal vehicles.

As one of the UK’s most dangerous industries, HGV drivers in the construction sector must contend with unstable and constantly-busy surroundings and environments. Obstacles can range from loose piles of material to individual employees, all the way up to roving forklift trucks, whose bulky nature combined with their small size make them a particular risk. Meanwhile, municipal HGV drivers (such as refuse collectors) can often be caught off-guard by children or pets running into the street, sometimes with tragic consequences.

With VT Banksman, these obstacles can be detected early with an excellent success rate, and the system’s auto-braking capabilities add yet another level of protection for colleagues or bystanders.

At Vision Techniques, your safety is our priority. As of July 2017, fatalities have doubled in the waste sector (according to CIWM Journal). It’s figures like these that we’re determined to reduce with products just like our VT Banksman reversing radar. You can browse our full product range here, or call our sales line on 08450 041 562.

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