Vision Techniques

Easier site access for your vehicles using our new Temporary Fit Kit

A growing problem with our customers is being refused access to sites. This can be because of health and safety guidelines, often requiring vehicles to have on-board cameras. To resolve this growing issue, we’ve introduced the VT Temporary Fit Kit as an easy to install camera and monitor solution that can be stored in a vehicle or left onsite.

The Fit Kit includes everything you need to install a camera system onto any vehicle. Included you’ll find our best-selling monitor and camera unit, the VT56; a durable but high quality colour vehicle monitor as well as a high resolution and robust camera fitted with a heavy duty magnet. By attaching a magnet, it gives you the freedom to move and install the camera anywhere you want on the vehicle body.

Also included you’ll find 23 metres worth of cabling and an in-vehicle charger (via the cigarette lighter). This setup means that the camera system can be easily removed, replaced or re-installed simply and efficiently by the driver or on-site staff.

We’ve designed the Temporary Fit Kit as a piece of equipment that can be easily stored both in a vehicle or left on-site for access, meaning there should never be any reason to turn a vehicle away.

We’ve had great feedback from our clients who first requested the kit, and we’re excited to launch the product to all of our customers in the coming weeks.