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Driving safety from Vision Techniques

Posted on 6th Dec, 2011 by Jonathan Peach

As the weather gets colder most vehicle operators will have to drive in icy conditions.

If you must drive in these conditions, prepare your vehicle and ensure you understand how to handle the road conditions.

When reversing your vehicles, it’s even more difficult, even if you have a reversing camera and reverse sensors.

Here are some basic driving tips from Vision Techniques to help drivers in the snow.

–       Slow down and leave plenty of room.

–       Avoid skidding by braking gently – especially while reversing.

–       While reversing, make sure you can see out of you back window or your reversing camera – Vision Techniques supplies a special camera for these sorts of conditions.

–       Never use cruise control on icy roads.

–       Be very careful on bridges and small roads. These freeze first and you may encounter some invisible black ice.

Since truck drivers have limited visibility, it is important to have a reversing camera and reversing sensors. It may be more difficult to see out of the camera if the lens ices over so reversing sensors may be even more useful in this sort of weather.

If your rear wheels skid, don’t accelerate. Simply steer in the direction you want to go. If you start to slide, don’t try to force it to go the other direction.

If your front wheels skid, stop accelerating, shift to neutral and do not steer immediately. As the wheels skid sideways the traction will eventually return to normal.

For more information on vehicle safety, or on reversing camera systems and other vehicle safety systems, visit the products pages.