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Don’t miss the Commercial Vehicle Show this month

After a successful few days at the OWL Roadshow and the Dingbro Commercial Vehicle Trade night, we thought we’d give you a sneak preview into our next upcoming show.

The Commercial Vehicle Show 2013 is only a few weeks away so don’t forget to come and see us at the NEC, Birmingham, on 9-11 April.

The CV Show is one of the large and most all-inclusive freight transport event in the UK.

From truck, van and trailer manufacturers to handling equipment, insurers, and training providers and, of course, vehicle safety equipment manufacturers, fleet managers and operators alike will find something that will interest them.

All under one roof, right in the middle of the UK motorway network, there will be hundreds of exhibitors across the whole road transport, distribution and logistics business. Don’t miss out.

Why attend our vehicle safety events?

If you’ve ever attending our events before, you’ll know why we get so excited about them.

Only this week we were at the OWL Road Show – where we showcased one of the most innovative waste solutions on the market.

Delegates from all over the UK attended the OWL (Optimised Waste Logistics) Road Show, held last week at St David’s Hotel in Cardiff Bay.

The event was hosted by partnership between us, Vehicle Weighing Solutions and CMS Supatrak and attracted local authorities and waste management companies from across the UK.

In addition to viewing exhibits and best practice seminars, it attendees from both public and private sector could network and share ideas.

The main exhibit of the event was the fully integrated waste solution ‘Optimised Waste Logistics’ system. It’s essential a waste management solution with Live Video transmission and recording, live transmission of weight / bin lift data, full vehicle and body telematics, fuel saving technologies and route optimisation.

What do we show at our vehicle safety events?

As well as providing unique networking opportunities, you will get to see our vehicle safety products LIVE at our UK-wide events.

We exhibit everything from low-end vehicle cameras to hi-tech innovative solutions, depending on the event. So whether you need a standard reversing camera and mobile CCTV system or a hi-tech solution at the cutting-edge of vehicle safety, we’ll show you the benefits and money saving potential for your organisation.

Our most cutting-edge solutions include:

VT Overview™: 360° All Round Vision

Our revolutionary VT Overview™ product used the very latest video software to bring you a bird’s eye view of your entire vehicle from a single monitor – allowing for easy manoeuvring.

The system also detects obstacles such as pedestrians when the vehicle is turning left, triggering an audible warning to alert the driver.

VT Live™: Mobile CCTV Recording

VT Live™ streams live mobile CCTV footage from vehicle-mounted cameras to any location, using remote activity, providing efficiency savings and the opportunity to train vehicle operators.

The idea of this hi-tech device is to improve vehicle and crew safety and eliminate false or fraudulent claims.

Banksman Auto Braking

The automatic braking system saves you money through reduced collisions. It’s an intelligent fully programmable radar system which brakes for you if you ignore its warnings.

OWL (Optimised Waste Logistics)

OWL manages vehicles for optimum efficiency. OWL provides onboard CCTV and DVR as well as weighing vehicle waste and monitoring driver behaviour.

Take a look at the events we’ll be attending this year.