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Decrease your risk of road accidents with VT BrakeSafe

decrease- our risk of road accidents with vt brakesafe

Posted on 12th Oct, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

LGV and HGV accidents are commonly reported in the news. From crashes, resulting from blindspots, to incidents occurring as a result of failed brakes, or failure to apply the handbrake – there are plenty of risk factors. In today’s blog we’re taking a closer look at one of the most devastating stories reported in the news this year and showing you just how you can avoid becoming victim yourself.

In August this year, a man crashed his lorry and died after failing to engage the handbrake. In this particular case, a 57 year-old lorry driver was struck by his own vehicle as he attempted to stop its trailer roll down a hill. The lorry rolled down the hill hitting the driver before crashing into a building. While trying to stop the trailer and lorry rolling away the driver fell to the floor, and was run over by his own vehicle.

LGVs and hills: How to approach the situation safely

The weight of an LGV makes parking on a hill tricky. To ensure an LGV stays safely and securely in place, a driver must use the wheels and the engine to make sure their LGV can’t roll away if the parking brake fails. In this particular case, the driver either forgot to apply the brakes, or the brake failed – and he hadn’t followed these additional measures – which could have saved his life.

As well as using our BrakeSafe product, we’d advise all LGV drivers in this scenario to do the following:

  • Park your LGV while turning the steering wheel slightly towards the kerb. This will ensure that should the vehicle roll, it will steer into the kerb and stop.
  • If your LGV has manual gears, leave it in gear. This means that if the parking brake fails, the engine should stop the wheels turning.
  • Do not step outside of your vehicle unless you’re sure the handbrake has been applied and you’ve taken extra special precautions to park your vehicle in the safest way.

World-class road safety technology with VT Brakesafe

Brakesafe no graphic

Our newest product, VT Brakesafe, helps in scenarios like this by preventing vehicles from rolling away. It’s a handbrake failsafe system that automatically applies the brake if the driver forgets. In fact, the product has been designed to work in a number of scenarios – even with the ignition off, so you can be assured that your BrakeSafe is on guard even if you’re not.

As well as preventing vehicle roll, BrakeSafe is also fitted with an audible alarm, alerting you, the driver, of your mistake immediately. This will allow you to quickly correct your actions and pull the handbrake – guaranteeing your own and other road users’ safety.

To find out more about our new product, or any other specialist technology designed for LGV or HGV drivers, take a look at our product pages. You can also discuss your requirements with a member of the Vision Techniques team, by giving us a call on 08344 641 236.

Could our new BrakeSafe product have helped you in a dangerous scenario? If so, let us know how by sharing your story with us in the comments below. Alternatively you can tweet your story to us @VisionTechnique