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Debate: Should there be a rush hour ban for HGVs in city

Posted on 2nd Nov, 2015 by Jonathan Peach

Cyclist safety, particularly collisions with HGVs, has been in the media spotlight frequently over this last year. While there have been many developments to road safety initiatives over recent months, the latest conversation has been about banning HGVs in the city during rush hour.

Recently in the House of Commons the question was asked:

“Should there be a rush-hour city centre HGV ban, to improve cyclist safety?”

This new proposed plan comes as part of London Cycling Campaign’s End Lorry Danger campaign, which looks to get lethal lorries off London’s roads. Debating the issue in parliament was LCC Campaigns Manager Charlie Lloyd, and Head of Freight Transport Association, Christopher Snelling.

Both offered compelling and valid arguments for and against the ban. Charlie Lloyd, campaigning for the ban, highlighted that in 2015, seven out of eight cyclist fatalities have been due to collisions with lorries. He cited that nearly 40% of cyclist deaths (following collisions with lorries) happened during the morning rush hour – 8.00am-9.30am and emphasised the importance of getting lorries off the road during London’s rush hour.

Of course, whether a ban would simply displace these tragedies to other times of the day we’re yet to know. Mr Lloyd personally believed the ban would in fact remove some HGVs off the road as operators looked to different means to transport their goods.

However, the argument against these proposed changes was just as strong. About the ban, Christopher Snelling said in opposition:

“It doesn’t make sense even from a safety point of view.

“To perform the work of even one medium-sized HGV, you’d need 10 vans to replace it. If you do that, the safety profile is different, but the safety profile of 10 vans isn’t going to be better than one HGV.

“And it has impacts on congestion and pollution. You’d get substantially more local air quality emissions.”

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What are your thoughts on this latest debate? Should there be a rush hour ban for HGVs in the city? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique