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Cyclist’s tragic death prompts further calls for improvements to road safety

The spotlight on road safety has intensified as yet another cyclist was killed on London’s roads on Wednesday – the fifth death this year. The cyclist, aged 47, crashed with an HGV driver at a junction described by police as ‘notorious’ for accidents and was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after a medical crew arrived.

In a shocking development, the Independent reported that only four hours later a man in his 20s was rushed to hospital following a similar collision at the nearby Blackfriars underpass.

While tragic, these incidents come as no surprise to road safety advocacy groups, who called for radical changes to the way cyclists share the road with other vehicles – including arguing for banning HGVs from London’s streets altogether.

Road users still at risk

Boris Johnson has repeatedly stated that a drive to increase road safety for all road users is high on his agenda this year. Commenting on the road traffic system at Elephant and Castle, he terms it a ‘relic from the 1960s’ and pledged to redevelop it, and similar systems, across the capital.

And while Transport for London made promises to protect the most vulnerable road users, it’s clear the most effective way to improve road safety is a combined approach – where drivers, cyclists and pedestrians all take responsibility for the safety of themselves and those around them.

In recognition of this shared responsibility, we at Vision Techniques have developed the TurnSafe™ range of vehicle safety systems to maximise road users’ safety, and to ensure that you and your fleet are doing everything they can to keep other road users safe.

Use TurnSafe™ vehicle safety system for maximum road awareness

Vision Techniques’ TurnSafe™ range has been formulated utilise kinds of sensory information – audible, visual and ultrasound – to improve road awareness.

  1. TurnAlarm™ makes road users aware when you plan to turn using high-intensity LED lights and a speaker system.
  2. TurnSensor™ employs ultrasonic proximity sensors to help you to detect nearby road users along the flanks of your vehicle.
  3. TurnCamera™ allows you to see into your blind-spot, but will only activate when turning left or right so normal driving is not interrupted.

With the TurnSafe™ range installed across your fleet, drivers will have access to an enhanced picture of the surrounding road – not only will their own movements be made more visible to others, but drivers will also have clearer information about the behavior of vulnerable road users nearby.

Accidents involving cyclists are not inevitable, but preventable, and you can further maximise road safety with a combination of TurnSafe™ systems – each product is designed to complement the others and enhance the visibility and awareness of obstacles, road users and hazards, so you can rest assured that your driving is as safe as possible.

If you have any queries about the technical specifications of the TurnSafe™ vehicle safety system, or you would like to place an order, our customer service team are ready to take your call.

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