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Cyclist injuries on the decline – keep it this way with TurnSafe

How often do you see a cyclist on your daily travels around the city centre? We’d guess that it’s quite often! When maneuvering a lorry or HGV, especially when making turns, it’s remarkably easy to miss a cyclist or pedestrian – and for their awareness to drop too – resulting in serious accidents on the road.

Whilst new figures published by City Hall show an improvement in the number of serious injuries to cyclists on the roads, the number is still too high. The new figures show that there were 475 serious injuries to cyclists in London in 2013, 182 less than the number of injuries recorded in 2012. This is thought to be partially due to the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Safeway, which ran in November and December, whereby hundreds of officers were placed on street corners looking out for dangerous and unlawful behavior by motorists and cyclists.

A crack down on vehicle safety

On 27th May, Boris Johnson joined police a similar road safety operation in Southwark, London, something which police plan to repeat across London on a smaller scale every month. Alongside this new initiative, Johnson also explained that new protected cycle routes and better junctions would also be built in London, starting this year, as well as telling the press “I intend to ban all lorries not fitted with cyclist safety equipment from London.”

At Vision Techniques, we’ve already begun to address this problem with TurnSafe; our cyclist detection system designed specifically to reduce fatalities involving lorries, HGV’s and cyclists.

TurnSafe, re-developed to meet your requirements

TurnSafe is constantly being improved and our latest products are even better at helping to prevent accidents in difficult driving conditions. The TurnSafe products help to remove blind spots, detect cyclists and make road users more aware of your presence.

Our range includes:

TurnAlarm for audible visual awareness

This product helps to make cyclists and pedestrians more aware of you when making difficult turns. Being safe on the road is as much their responsibility as yours. So by alerting them with high intensity LED lights and a speaker alarm system, cyclists and pedestrians will have a much higher awareness of your presence and intentions – no matter whether they’re listening to music on their travels or have bright sunlight obscuring their view.

TurnSensor for detecting moving objects close to your side

This product helps you to locate danger down the side of your vehicle – a hard to spot area that can cause particular difficulty when you make a turn. The high tech ultrasonic proximity sensors alert you both visually and audibly preventing turning accidents and accident damage.

TurnCamera to increase blind spot visibility

This camera is easily installed in your vehicle and helps to give you visibility in your vehicle blind spot. Combining the camera with a recorder is also recommended – to help with liability evidence should an accident occur.

To find out more about how Vision Techniques vehicle safety systems could help protect you, contact us today.

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