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Cyclist deaths hit five year high

A shocking number of cyclists have been killed on Britain’s roads last year, it has been revealed.

Recent statistics show that cyclist deaths have hit a five year high of 122.

The majority of those killed were daily commuters or young children riding their bikes.

In nearly 50% of cases, lorries, HGVs, vans and coaches were involved in the accidents.

With the problem in clear need of addressing, Vision Techniques has come up with a number of safety solutions to counter this.

But in these harsh economic times, how can transport managers afford to spend money on new safety technology?

Fortunately, Vision Techniques has recently developed a cost effective safety solution.

VT Alarmalight™ clearly warns cyclists that HGVs, refuse trucks and large vehicles are turning.

When a lorry turns left, an audible alarm with flashing LED lights will act as both a visual warning and an audible alert to cyclists.

Cyclists may not be concentrating properly or even have distorted noise perception because they are wearing headphones.

VT Alarmalight™ combines the audible alarm with flashing LED lights allowing cyclists to clearly see the turning HGV and avoid a side collision in the driver’s blind spot.

Pippa Hinchcliffe, of Vision Techniques, said: “In a marketplace inundated with products that alert driver of obstacles in blind spots there are not enough that provide cyclists with warnings. We take it very seriously as Vision Techniques.

“The alarm is suitable for all HGVs or any vehicle that operates in a busy urban environment.”

VT Alarmalight™ is also widely used by waste collection vehicles to warn pedestrians of reversing without creating excessive noise using its flashing lights.

For an even safer radar-based solution for cyclists, Vision Techniques has also developed a more advanced system, which combines an audible alarm with a radar system that detects cyclists – VT Side Alert™.

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