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Collisions with cyclists on UK roads to be prevented with VT Overview™

Posted on 12th May, 2014 by Jonathan Peach


How many times have you seen a cyclist come out of nowhere? You are turning your vehicle and within a split second a cyclist has appeared within your turning circle. With human error and distractions it’s so easy to miss incidents like this.

In 2012, the UK saw a five-year high in the number of cyclists deaths. There were 122 cyclists killed on the road, 106 of which were a result of a collision with a motor vehicle. From these statistics, it’s evident that the danger of cycling on UK’s roads is one that needs to be addressed.

London, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester have all been named as some of the most dangerous cities to cycle in. Bradford, however, topped all of these cities and was named the UK’s worst city to cycle in. With low numbers of cycling club members and a limited amount of cycle routes that are free from road traffic, cyclists here are at risk. It is in these cities, and in fact on any road which cyclists may be using, that vehicle users need to keep their eyes on the road, and minds on the ball.

Increase your road vision with VT Overview™ All Round Vision System

Through the introduction of separate cycle lanes, with wider lanes properly segregated from the roads, banning large HGVs from urban areas and redesigning some of the worst road layouts, cycling in the city would become a much less hazardous activity. But let’s face it, all of these changes aren’t entirely practical. That’s why we designed our state-of-art VT Overview™ system, to improve your road vision and vehicle safety, no matter what situation you may find yourself travelling in.

VT Overview™ gives you the most comprehensive view a driver can have. It allows for the safe manoeuvring of your vehicle, even in those tricky, hard-to-see situations, with its all-round 360º vision.

Spot cyclists, motorists and pedestrians in an instant

Designed for slow speed truck or bus manoeuvring, the system uses four cameras to give you complete coverage around the vehicle; enabling you to spot cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians with ease – even at night! If you do miss a key moment on the road, VT Overview™ will alert you with an audible alarm, making sure you are well aware if a car, cyclist or pedestrian enters a danger blind spot on either side of your vehicle.

So, if you find yourself regularly driving in built-up areas and are looking to improve awareness of your surroundings and potential danger, contact us here at Vision Techniques. We can talk you through products to enhance your vehicle safety, and guarantee your peace of mind. Phone today on 01254 679 717 or contact us online.

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