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CLOCS 2015 – Show review

Posted on 1st Apr, 2015 by Dominic Benabda

Over the past year finding a way to improve the safety of cyclists has been a major focus for many industries, specifically within road transport and construction. It’s no surprise that companies look to successful schemes such as FORS, Crossrail and CLOCS for guidance and support.

Three years ago CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety Initiative) set up workshop seminars to help educate businesses interested in meeting a national standard of managing safety on UK roads. Today, this event has quadrupled in size, attracting hundreds of interested companies and newly formed CLOCS champions, working together to raise safety standards and ensuring compliance.

This year safety experts Vision Techniques exhibited at the event for the first time, showcasing their cyclist safety product range VT TurnSafe. This included their illuminated sign, blind spot camera and monitor system and their best-selling TurnAlarm audible and visual warning system which recently secured a £1 million order from Veolia.

The show also gave the safety innovators a chance to preview their upcoming addition to the cyclist safety range – the VT TurnAware. Currently in its final stages of testing, the TurnAware camera and monitor uses video analytics to detect approaching hazards on the monitor unit and alert the driver using visual and audible warnings.

“We believe this new cyclist safety system is an evolution to ultrasonic sensors, the next step in hazard detection. The best feature of TurnAware is that it only detects oncoming hazards, effectively preventing false warnings.” Marketing Manager Dominic Benabda explained, who was demonstrating the system to visitors of the event.

CLOCS 2015 also had many seminar speakers explaining practice within the standard and explaining how preventative measures can make a clear difference to the operations of any business operating large vehicles.

The show was a major success with fantastic attendance and had a lot of focus on innovative methods to improve the safety of vulnerable road users.

“We’ll definitely be here again next year and look forward to supporting CLOCS and FORS events throughout the rest of the year.”