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The Clock Is Ticking For London’s Unsafe HGVs…

London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced an outright “ban” on the thousands of “rogue” lorries that navigate the Capital’s busy streets each day. The new Safer Lorry Zone is set to come into force within months, prompting fleet owners to take swift and decisive action.

While Johnson initially announced a £200 daily charge for dangerous lorries entering London, this latest move has received praise from campaigners who believed that the daily charge sanctioned unsafe vehicles as long as their owners were prepared to pay.

Once the Safer Lorry Zone is enforced, HGVs over 3.5 tonnes that are not fitted with compulsory side guards and cyclist-friendly mirrors will be banned from the city. Any fleet owners going against the ban will face hefty fines of up to £130.

Time To Make Goods Vehicles Safer

At Vision Techniques, we understand that an active fleet with access to all parts of the country is an essential part of so many British businesses. From retail to construction, HGVs help our goods get from A to B on time and keep our economy ticking over.

It cannot be denied, however, that much more needs to be done to prevent HGV-related accidents on Britain’s roads – and most particularly in London. Over the last four years, HGVs have been involved in 53% of cyclist deaths on London roads – a disproportionately high figure when you consider that they account for just 4% of London’s traffic.

Furthermore, the Transport Research Laboratory calculates that up to 74% of cyclist fatalities could be prevented by the adoption of additional vehicle safety systems, such as side guards.

Invest In Your Fleet’s Safety

The only realistic – and sensible – choice for any fleet owners wishing to continue driving on London’s streets is to embrace the new, stricter safety requirements. While vehicle safety systems require an initial outlay, the savings that can be made are significant.

Our cutting-edge vehicle safety systems can help your fleet get ahead of the game, reducing the risk of costly insurance claims and – in some cases – reducing the cost of vehicle insurance overall.

We offer a wide range of vehicle safety systems, including:

– Truck / lorry reversing cameras
– TurnSafe cyclist detection system
– Accident recording systems
– All Round Vision vehicle CCTV systems

Browse more of our innovative vehicle safety technologies

Our vehicle CCTV systems and audio alarms, including VT Overview™ and VT Side Alert™ are the ideal tools for helping you improve the safety of your day-to-day operations in and around London.

Using four state-of-the-art cameras, the VT Overview vehicle safety system can take the place of a truck reversing camera by giving drivers a 360° view around their vehicle and eliminating dangerous blind-spots.

VT Side Alert emits an audible warning when cyclists and other hazards get too close to the vehicle. The system can also include an LED light board that is fitted on the side of the vehicle, alerting cyclists and other road users of the potential danger.

Vision Techniques Can Help

With cyclists forced to execute unsafe manoeuvres on London roads due to poor road design, the pressure is on drivers and fleet owners to do everything in their power to prevent accidents.

Talk to Vision Techniques today about your fleet’s needs. Our friendly staff will be happy to advise you on the vehicle safety systems that will help you get ahead of the game on London’s roads.

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