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Chevron Traffic Management introduces VT Lanesafe™

Britain’s highways can be extremely hazardous. In 2011, 106 people died and 740 people were seriously injured on motorways in the UK.

Operating traffic management vehicles on a highway can, therefore, be extremely dangerous, where it can sometimes seem impossible to reverse safely.

Chevron Traffic Management has decided to tackle this issue head on by asking Vision Techniques to come up with a new solution to prevent reversing accidents on our highways.

The result was a hi-tech anti collision system named VT Lanesafe™, arising from dealing with a very specific problem…

Removing coning from a four-kilometre lane closure can be a very difficult situation, in which there should be no obstructions behind the vehicle when reversing.

The use of reversing cameras is common practice on vehicles in the industry. However, in this manoeuvre, the driver has to concentrate solely on the side mirror to see the cones.

When operators have to collect traffic cones quickly, a driver cannot look at a monitor or use a banksman because the correct positioning of a vehicle on the lane against the flow of traffic is more important.

That’s why Vision Techniques created VT Lanesafe™. This revolutionary radar system means the driver, and those collecting and stacking cones, will hear an audible warning if there are any obstructions.

This prevents accidents by allowing time to brace for harsh breaking or a collision.

Chevron Traffic Management said: “The VT Lanesafe™ radar, along with the safe systems of work that we have in place, has no doubt contributed to Chevron achieving our current accident frequency rate of 0.01%.

“Chevron is now installing this revolutionary product into all new Traffic Management Vehicles.”

VT Lanesafe™ radar is only active when reversing, and its detection zone can be altered to suit all vehicles width.

It picks up any obstructions behind the vehicle or debris left in the lane, which can cause problems for traffic. To prevent false alarms, it does not pick up on the crash barrier or cones.

The VT Lanesafe™ radar can project an accurate detection beam up to 12m behind the vehicle.

It can be fitted to new vehicles or retro fitted by Vision Techniques own team of engineers anywhere in the UK.

VT Lanesafe™ has been developed using Vision Techniques’ tried and tested award winning Banksman radar system, which has been used extensively in the UK refuse and Quarrying and Mining market for over 15 years.