Vision Techniques

Check Your Fleet; Protect Your Fleet

Vision Techniques has been at the forefront of vehicle safety for over 25 years, working to save lives and cut high maintenance costs with its range of reversing safety systems, ‘all round visibility’ solutions, cyclist warning systems, digital video recorders, auto braking systems and much more.

Accidents are costly and traumatic events that transport and mobile fleets can ill afford. The average cost of a reversing accident, excluding personal injury and other hidden costs, was judged to be £499 back in 1999 when the ‘Accident Analysis and Prevention Journal’ undertook its study into the problem.

Unsurprisingly, today’s costs are considered to be significantly higher. The cost benefit analysis for a 120-truck transport company, with a vehicle life of five years revealed that rear-end damage costs amounted to a staggering £750 per vehicle every year.

Put another way, that’s £90,000 a year or almost £500,000 in total over the five-year life of the fleet! And today, Vision Techniques estimates that the average cost of damage to a vehicle in a reversing accident could well be in excess of £1000.

Accident costs don’t just arise from damage to your vehicles – additional costs could include damage to another vehicle, higher insurance premiums as a direct result from a claim, and the potential threat of corporate manslaughter if adequate safety devices have not been fitted to your vehicles to provide a ‘duty of care’.

These costs could stretch into the thousands, especially considering the size of some fleets.

Protecting your fleet by investing in one of Vision Techniques vehicle safety or cyclist detection systems can significantly reduce your costs, with the savings you make going directly to the operating company’s profits.

Vision Techniques also offers fleet maintenance packages to suit each individual company’s needs. Our team of fully qualified engineers covers the whole of the UK, and if we receive a breakdown call before 12 noon, we can provide one of our engineers or subcontractors within 72 hours, depending on location. If we have an engineer that is working in a location near to the customers breakdown we will divert them to the repair if possible.

Regular, expert checks to determine the safety of your fleet and drivers can give you peace of mind. As a fleet owner or transport manager, it’s up to you to make sure your employees feel secure when using your vehicles – safe and happy staff make for a successful and profitable business.