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Closed Circuit Television reduce’s attacks on Greater Manchester firefighters

Posted on 15th Feb, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

cctv-helps-reduce-attacksIt’s a sad fact that firefighters have to contend with both the dangers that are present when fighting fires or attending accident scenes, but also all too commonly the abuse from members of the public they are trying to help.

Greater Manchester Fire Service are fighting back, by installing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and the introduction of Hostilities Training for crews.

The encouraging news, as you can see from the graph, is that with the exception of 2006 where there was a slight increase, attacks on frontline firefighters have steadily decreased. This decrease can be attributed to the work undertaken to tackle this problem such as the installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) on fire service vehicles.

Andrew Kelly business development manager at Vision Techniques commented, “We’re proud to be supporting Greater Manchester Fire Service in tackling this problem. As well as automatic recording for crew protection, our systems also offer Video Gateway with remote connectivity, GPS tracking and 2-way push-to-talk audio.”

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