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UK Cash for Crash Scams Still Going Strong

Posted on 9th Apr, 2014 by Jonathan Peach


As Thames Valley Police uncover yet another prolific “Cash for Crash” scam, Vision Techniques is warning owners of commercial fleets to be wary.

Four men have been arrested in Reading following an investigation into Cash for Crash scams in the local area. The men, aged 27, 30, 38 and 39 are being held on suspicion of fraud relating to a series of crashes that took place between March and September last year.

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Cash for Crash Pair Jailed

Posted on 26th Feb, 2014 by Jonathan Peach

Cash For Crash

A reckless pair of insurance scam artists have been jailed for a total of eight years after orchestrating a number of ‘cash for crash’ collisions, including one that involved a bus carrying up to 40 passengers.

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Easier site access for your vehicles using our new Temporary Fit Kit

Posted on 17th Dec, 2013 by Dominic Benabda

A growing problem with our customers is being refused access to sites. This can be because of health and safety guidelines, often requiring vehicles to have on-board cameras. To resolve this growing issue, we’ve introduced the VT Temporary Fit Kit as an easy to install camera and monitor solution that can be stored in a vehicle or left onsite.

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Vision Techniques offers affordable solution against crash for cash scams

Posted on 12th Dec, 2013 by Dominic Benabda

Motorists across the country are turning to dashboard cameras to protect themselves against fraudulent claims that are costing innocent parties thousands and inflating their insurance premiums.
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‘Flash-For-Cash’ warning for motorists

Posted on 6th Sep, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

Flash-For-CashA new insurance scam targeting motorists is sweeping across Britain.
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Cash-for-crash epidemic continues to affect British drivers

Posted on 12th Aug, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

Cash For CrashA sinister problem continues to plague all commercial vehicle managers.

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Cash-for-crash crime wave sweeps across Britain

Posted on 24th Apr, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

crashcamWith cash-for-crash scheme convictions taking place all over the country, fleet operators should be taking steps to combat the crooks.

In one of the most prominent cases, three men who deliberately caused a car crash that led to another collision in which a woman died were sentenced to 10 years each. It was the first time that somebody had been killed as a result of a cash-for-crash scam.

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CrashCAM™ a success at the CV Show

Posted on 24th Apr, 2013 by Jonathan Peach

cv-showOur new CrashCAM™ product impressed hundreds of Transport Managers at the Commercial Vehicle Show this month.

With all the current media focus on the notorious cash-for-crash scams around the country, it’s no wonder the product gained so much popularity at the show, which took place at the NEC in Birmingham.

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Top 10 reasons why you should have a Crashcam (‘Cash For Crash’ Accident Recorder)

Posted on 3rd Apr, 2013 by Michael Cain

puttin-the-brakes-onAre you worried about people claiming against you in crashes that aren’t your fault?

Well, there’s a cost effective mobile DVR which will take care of this little problem for you, as well as solving many other driving headaches.

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Putting the brakes on crash-for-cash scams

Posted on 3rd Apr, 2013 by Michael Cain

puttin-the-brakes-onA new report from the Insurers Fraud Bureau (IFB) claims that so-called crash-for-cash scams are costing insurers £392m a year in inflated insurance premiums.

This is a disaster for owners of large fleets of vehicles, costing their businesses vast amounts each year in erroneous claims.

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