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Cash-for-crash epidemic continues to affect British drivers

A sinister problem continues to plague all commercial vehicle managers.

More and more motorists are staging deliberate accidents so they can claim money back on car insurance. In simple terms, scammers are crashing for cash.

Fleets that fall victim to these scams face higher premiums, costly repairs and vehicle downtime, as well as the trauma of dealing with accidents that could have serious consequences for drivers.

Just recently, the Sun newspaper exposed two crooked businessmen at the centre of a car crash insurance scam which costs honest drivers £400million a year.

Under secret surveillance, Raja Waqas and his brother Bilal boasted that they staged more than 200 accidents in the last seven years, operating a cash-for-crash racket that adds about £44 a year to each UK motor insurance policy.

The pair’s most recent scam involved staging a deliberate smash with another vehicle to write off The Sun’s investigator’s Mercedes in Slough, Berks.

Just minutes before the “accident”, Raja said: “There’s more money in this game than drug-dealing.”

He further boasted: “This is my only job. We do it every day. I’ve just written off my own Audi Q7. I had it hit by a lorry. The car’s head had gone. It would have cost at least £6,000 to repair. I got £19,700. Now I’m getting it repaired using some of the money.”

The Sun’s investigator handed its dossier and the covert video recordings to the police and the City of London police launched an immediate inquiry.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates around 30,000 cash-for-crash incidents take place every year, costing insurers around £350 million.

With the cash-for-crash epidemic still sweeping Britain, you and your fleet need protection from scammers.

Without concrete footage, it’s very difficult to prove whose fault a crash was.

Scammers can stage accidents in a number of ways – disabling brake lights, braking suddenly, or pulling off from a junction and applying the brakes for no reason.

Fortunately, there is something you can do. Black box accident recorders mounted on your windscreen can prove you are in the right.

CrashCAM™, from Vision Techniques, is one of the most effective and cost effective black box recorders on the market.

When other drivers refuse to accept liability, exaggerate a claim or deliberately cause a ‘cash-for-crash’ accident, you can have your own reliable, independent witness.

As well as providing you with video evidence of accidents and incidents, CrashCAM™ displays journey information – such as speed and shock data, and GPS mapping system – on a playback screen. This will help you evaluate how efficiently a vehicle is being driven.

CrashCAM™ is suitable for both private car owners and fleet operators. Visit to find out more.