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Cash for Crash Pair Jailed

A reckless pair of insurance scam artists have been jailed for a total of eight years after orchestrating a number of ‘cash for crash’ collisions, including one that involved a bus carrying up to 40 passengers.

Mohammed Gulzar and Shoaib Nawaz from Sheffield set up fraudulent traffic collisions in a bid to bag £500,000 in insurance pay-outs.

The pair’s most ambitious scam involved a 12-tonne bus, which collided with a car in Burngreave, Sheffield. The bus driver, Adam Herbert, has also been jailed for 20 months for his part in the dangerous con, while a further eight people have been sentenced for their involvement.

One fake crash too far

Sheffield Crown Court heard that the collision involving the bus was the fraudsters’ undoing. While the collision was only minor, causing just £800 of damage to the vehicle, passengers on board described their shock at seeing the overreactions of others, including one man who threw himself against the windscreen.

Witness testimonies from the collision led to police investigating Mohammed Gulzar’s company, City Claims 4U more closely. Detectives soon discovered that a number of claimants in the case had picked up personal injury forms from City Claims 4U prior to the collision even occurring.

Commercial vehicles more at risk?

Cash for Crash scams show no signs of abating, and commercial fleet owners must take steps to protect their vehicles from con artists who would seek to claim thousands of pounds from fraudulent collisions.

In fake accidents such as these, eye witnesses are often a crucial part of uncovering a scam. Without reliable witness testimony, cases often come down to one person’s word against another’s, leaving innocent drivers and vehicle owners footing the bill for costly repairs and vehicle down-time in the short-term, and facing higher insurance premiums over the long-term.

Protect your fleet with vehicle CCTV system CrashCAM™

Vision Techniques has created CrashCAM™, an innovative and affordable vehicle CCTV system that not only monitors your drivers’ economy and performance, but is designed to protect you from false insurance claims.

No matter where your vehicles are, our dash cams act as an electronic eye witness – and one that removes the risk of human error.

And as well as the forward-facing dash cams, CrashCAM™ also comprises a second camera that can be used inside the vehicle – monitoring passengers or cargo – or on the outside the vehicle on its nearside blind spot, where accidents (and false collisions) are more likely to occur.

These kind of ‘black box’ recorder systems offer commercial fleets an extra level of protection in these times of Cash for Crash scams. Insurance companies have been known to offer companies with these black box recorders discounted rates, meaning that these mobile CCTV systems can pay for themselves over time – even if your fleet is lucky enough not to be involved in any collisions.

The CrashCAM™ mobile CCTV system records on a loop on an SD card, but will save data if triggered by a G-force event, such as a collision.

Talk to Vision Techniques

At Vision Techniques, we can help you shield your fleet and drivers from unscrupulous insurance claimants. Our CrashCAM™ mobile CCTV is just one of a wide range of products developed by us to keep your fleet safer out on the roads – or on-site.

Talk to one of our friendly team today to find out which vehicle safety systems are best for your organisation. Alternatively, come and chat with us @VisionTechnique on Twitter.

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