Vision Techniques

Can your drivers see clearly this winter?

Driving in winter is very different than at other times of the year. Extended periods of darkness and adverse weather conditions make driving much more hazardous.

As we have discovered over the last couple of years, sometimes road conditions in Britain can be extreme with heavy snow and floods.

The heightened need for safety considerations is leading fleet operators to invest in better safety equipment for their vehicles for increasing driver visibility in bad weather.

Because winter driving can be so dangerous, we recommend you consider fitting hi-tech infrared camera technology to aid drivers while manoeuvring.

Automotive night vision allows for a much clearer view while reversing or manoeuvring.

Drivers can detect and monitor pedestrians, animals and objects on or near the road, allowing more time to react to potential hazards in the dark, rain or snow.

Vision Techniques’ infrared night vision technology is used in our cost effective rear and forward facing cameras, ideal for vehicle operating in both harsh weather conditions and the dark.

Infrared cameras

Our cost-effective infrared colour cameras are reliable, durable and pressure wash proof.

Combining them with a digital monitor provides an extremely clear picture for your drivers, whatever the weather.

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Shutter and wiper cameras

A major step forward in vehicle safety, our shutter and wiper cameras are designed to eliminate the need to climb upon the vehicle manually to wipe the camera lens.

Providing a clear day and night view, they can withstand pressure washing without water ingress.

Wiper camera

Shutter camera